Blank Wafer Paper A4 Format (210x297mm)

Blank Wafer Paper A4 Format (210x297mm)


a. The best printable wafer paper in the world.

b. Suitable for all Inkjet Printers, Deskjet Printers and LFP Printers.

c. Great flexibility to create custom shapes, like a butterfly.

d. The printed edible image lasts longer.

e. Versatile and produces a much better quality of print, compared to rice paper.

f. Perfect for edible decorations on cakes, candies, and cookies.

Product Specifications:

Description Blank Wafer Paper For Use On Cakes Decorations, Candies, Cookies.
Size A4 (210mm×297mm) Thickness 0.65MM and 0.35MM
Origin The Netherlands( Primus) Packaging 50Sheets Pack for 0.65MM; 100Sheets Pack for 0.35MM
Delivery Free Shipping via DHL over 21kgs per order
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