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How to Dress Up Your Cookies with Pre-Printed Designs

The easiest and most fun way to make your cookies stand out is to use finished wafer paper! Wafer paper cookies are cookies decorated with sugar sheets that have magnificent pre-printed designs – or you can print your own crafty design using blank edible sugar sheets.

What is edible wafer paper?

Wafer paper is an edible paper, usually made of rice or potato flour, and is used in the cake art industry. It typically comes in in 8 ½” x 11” white sheets so that you can print onto it using a printer filled with edible ink.

Can you eat wafer paper?

Yes, wafer paper is edible!

How to use edible wafer paper on cookies

Let’s start with the easy way first. You can buy pre-made cookies from your favorite grocery store and buy store-bought fondant that you can roll out and cut into squares of the same size. You can then adhere the fondant squares to the pre-made cookies using a fine layer of royal icing or frosting, or if you don’t have that handy you can use some light corn syrup for the same effect. Another alternative is to use white icing.

The more custom way to do it is to make your own cookie batter, bake your homemade cookies and then make a custom fondant – but not everyone has time to do that.

Either way, you will to carefully and gently push the edible sugar sheet onto the fondant and make sure it is securely fastened. Don’t use too much light corn syrup, otherwise the edible sheet could get too wet and disintegrate.

4 helpful tips when working with sugar sheets

  1. You can use edible wafer paper (or sugar sheets) on fondant or flooded royal icing that has already set. If you are more of a buttercream frosting fan, you can apply the sheets directly to the frosted cakes or cupcakes.
  2. Use sharp scissors to cut the paper to the exact size you need.
  3. If using buttercream, make sure to smooth it evenly with a spatula before applying and spreading the wafer paper directly on to the frosting.
  4. Lightly brush the fondant or icing with light corn syrup when topping the edible paper on top of fondant or pre-set royal icing.

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